How to Profitably Market Your Published Work Both Online and Offline

If you are self publishing your work, it will be wise if you can get a marketing plan before publishing. Statistics have shown that the most difficult aspect of publishing is getting the published work to the end users.

Below are some marketing options available to the self publisher.

  • Recruit Marketing Agents

The process of recruiting marketing agent is very simple. All you simply do is to place a simple advert in the classified column of newspaper or magazine that your target audiences frequently patronize. The advert should be catchy and specific on the number of marketers needed and the nature of the product to be marketed. The locations where the marketers will be needed should also be specified. Lastly, the issue of commission to be must be emphasized, but the amount should not be disclosed. Remember to insert your phone number or email address at the end of the advert. The good thing about these adverts is that they are very cheap, and the return on investment is so high depending on the newspaper or magazine you eventually chose to use.

  • Outsource the Job to a Marketing Firm

There are specialized marketing firm, whose sole duty is to market products of companies at an agreed amount or commission. These marketing firms have their own marketing teams that are recruited and trained on the act of marketing. They have branded vehicles, t-shirts and fliers that they use in increasing their marketing penetration. These firms often help self publishers and business owners to accomplish their marketing task with ease. The only draw back, is that some of these marketing firms normally require a down payment from their clients in addition to outrageous commission. The secret is to identify the one that suit your financial goal and aspiration.

  • Arrange for a Formal Launching

When I published my first book, this was the option I implemented in my marketing process. It involves inviting key personals, close friends, family members, Journalists, colleagues and the general public to the official unveiling of your published work.

A detailed list of invited guest will have to be drawn, and a suitable venue must be used to host such a program. If there is enough fund, you can include a musical band and some light refreshment. The essence of the launching is to raise fund and also to help market your work to the general public. If the right guests are available, this is a very good marketing strategy. It will however cost you a little fortune.

  • Integrate an Affiliate marketing Plan to your Publication

This option is good for self publishers wishing to publish online. All you need to do is to get a good website and install an affiliate marketing plan into your sales page. The software should be able to track registered members who refer clients to the site, and if these clients eventually buy your published works, they will be paid commission. Under this option, the publishers should be able to make available the hard back and e-book format of the published work, so that visitors to your site can choose the format of their choice. The internet has made the readership of e-books to expand beyond measure, and the popularity of online books has even superseded that of contemporary books.

Getting your website running will not take more than 48 hours, but the ability to deliver what your visitors are requesting is a crucial key to your marketing plan.

  • Market the published work on your own

I will not advice anyone to go for this option, as it can be so demanding and stressful. It requires that the individual carry the published work from one city to the other and distribute it to bookshops and vendors. He will be expected to monitor the sales progress and this can eat deep into the profit margin. Moreover, the human hour wasted in traveling and distributing these published works can be utilized into other profitable ventures.