Auto Insurance Quotes Should Be Based on How Much You Can Afford to Pay Out of Pocket

What would you say your top priority is when you’re shopping for auto insurance quotes? Company reputation? Quality? The number of perks you can add to your policy? Most drivers’ decision making criteria is much simpler than that. They’re looking out for what they can afford to pay out of pocket.

Keeping Your Deductibles Low and Your Out of Pocket Repairs Non-Existent

The phrase “out of pocket expenses” has two meanings in the wide, wonderful world of auto insurance quotes. First and foremost, it’s talking about what you have to pay above and beyond your insurance coverage. That means your deductibles and any repairs not covered under your policy.

Higher deductibles=lower premiums, which is why most professionals want you to consider how much you can seriously afford to pay when you’re in an accident. You will (hopefully) have more months when you have to write a check to cover your premiums than months you’ll have to write a check for your deductible. The long term savings of a slightly higher deductible can more than justify paying the extra amount on the rare occasions you happen to get up close and personal with the bumper of the car in front of you.

It’s important to study your policy carefully so you know exactly what’s covered -and what you can do to keep from getting slapped with the bills for the things that are not! Regular maintenance, rapid repair of small damages (particularly cracks in your windshield) and parking in a safe area are the best ways to keep your car well out of the line of fire and your bank account safe from unexpected expenses.

Keeping Your Premiums Under Control

The largest out of pocket expense you’re ever going to have when it comes to your auto insurance is the premium you pay each month. With that in mind, it’s good to keep an eye out for ways to shave some zeros off that check you write each month! Here are some fast, easy ways to help you find lower auto insurance quotes and keep your money safely in the bank where it belongs!

a) Drive carefully. Nothing kills your ability to get a good deal on your insurance rates like multiple accidents or speeding tickets. Follow the rules of the road, pay attention and never drive when you’re sleepy or distracted. A clean driving record is your free ticket to great insurance rates.

b) Clean up your credit rating. A good credit score is considered to be a sign or responsibility, which translates to being a lower risk behind the wheel. Take advantage of that!

c) The more expensive your car is, the more you’re going to pay to insure it. Keep your insurance rates in mind before you go shopping for the sports car of your dreams.

Instead of your conscience, let your out of pocket expenses be your guide when you’re shopping for auto insurance quotes.